Our Most Requested Services

Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

The principal of Washington Elementary is organizing a field trip for the 5th grade students to tour a local university campus. She books a 25-passenger charter bus to transport the students and chaperones. The bus company charges $250 per hour, with a 5 hour minimum. For the day trip, she books the bus from 8am to 4pm, totaling $1,250. The bus picks up the group from the school, takes them on a tour of the campus, and returns them to the school in the afternoon. With a 10% tip, the total cost comes to $1,375 for the campus tour field trip transportation.

Example #2:

A large company in Glendale is planning their annual holiday party and wants to provide transportation for their 300 employees. They decide to rent charter buses to shuttle groups of employees from their office to the event venue, which is across town. We provide a quote for six 56-passenger charter buses based on a 5-hour rental duration. The rate is $250 per hour per bus, totaling $7,500. This covers pickup and drop-off at the office, as well as providing continuous shuttle service to and from the party venue during the evening. With 300 employees divided across six buses, each bus would make approximately 5-6 round trips. The per-person cost works out to $25 ($7,500/300 employees), which provides a turnkey transportation solution allowing everyone to enjoy the event comfortably. As a premier charter bus provider in the area, we have significant experience in corporate event transportation throughout Glendale and surrounding cities.

Example #3:

A local youth basketball team in Glendale has qualified for the state championships being held in Phoenix. The team consists of 12 players ages 12-14 and their coaches. Since the tournament venue is over an hour away, the team organizers decide to rent a charter bus for the weekend to transport the players, coaches, and some parents who want to attend. They rent a 25 passenger charter bus for the three day tournament, charging $250 per hour. The bus picks them up at 8am each morning and drops them off at 8pm each evening, totaling 12 hours per day for a rate of $3,000 per day. For all three days it comes out to $9,000. They also stop for meals which incurs hourly fees when the bus is waiting. With tips included, the total charter bus rental costs the team $10,500 for the weekend tournament.

Example #4:

A group of 10 friends from Glendale plan a bachelorette party day trip to scenic Sedona. They rent a 14-passenger party bus for the day to transport the group in style and comfortably. The bus picks them up at 8 AM in Glendale and makes the 2-hour drive to Sedona, stopping for photos along Oak Creek Canyon. In Sedona, they visit art galleries, get spa treatments, and have lunch at a winery. At 5 PM, the bus takes them back to Glendale, arriving by 7 PM. The total cost for the luxury bus rental is $1,400 for the 11 hours, plus team gratuity. That comes out to $140 per person for a relaxing, fun-filled day with no driving responsibilities. The party bus features leather seats, hardwood floors, a premium sound system, lighting effects, and minibar. With this VIP experience, the bachelorette and her friends make unforgettable memories together before the big day.

Example #5:

Maria and John are getting married in Glendale next month. They expect about 100 guests to attend their wedding and reception. To transport their wedding party of 10 people between the church ceremony and hotel reception venue, they book an executive minibus from Glendale Party Bus for 6 hours at $250 per hour, totaling $1,500. The happy couple also rents a 28-passenger minibus to shuttle guests back and forth between the hotel and reception hall from 3-11PM, quoted at $300 per hour for 8 hours at $2,400. With a 5% tip, the total for their Glendale minibus rentals comes out to $4,170. With premium vehicles and experienced team, Maria and John don’t have to worry about coordinating transportation on their big day in Glendale. Their guests enjoy the convenience of the charter shuttle, allowing them to relax and have fun celebrating the newlyweds.

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